I'm running a java application on my ubuntu server which refuses to open if it cannot open a window (the content of the windows is of no interest for me). Since the server is not connected to any screen I don't want to have a full running x11 environment like openbox. Currently I'm forwarding this window over ssh to my pc but this way the program closes whenever I'm rebooting the pc. What could be a good solution for this? (I'll never need to see the content of the window)


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Xvfb is an X server intended for situations like yours.

  • Debian and Ubuntu's xvfb package includes a script, xvfb-run, which will automatically launch an Xvfb instance and run your program with $DISPLAY pointing to that instance.
    – Jim Paris
    Sep 19, 2012 at 18:37

You have to use a headless jre, e.g. the package default-jre-headless.

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