I am using a bash command that outputs a large quantity of data and all I need is to see the command that was run and the output that fits on the screen afterward. Is there a keyboard shortcut for this? I would prefer to not use head or change the command at all

Clarifying Way After the Fact

I have a bunch of different combinations of commands being run and their output displayed right after, I just want to be able to jump up to the previously run command or have commands output only a screens worth of output, but I have to copy the command after so I don't want to use head for that reason.


IF your terminal (- emulator) understands DEC VT10x console codes, you could set the scrolling region to the last two rows of the screen after clearing it:

echo -e "\e[2J\e[$((LINES-1));${LINES}r"

Your command and its output's first screen will be seen afterwards. Typing reset will undo the changes.


I think tput li shows the number of lines of your terminal window. Subtract two and then use that value with a head -n to show only the first n lines of output. That will leave your command on the first line and the prompt on the last line.


A solution for bash involving shortcuts:

  1. Start your program with big output
  2. Once the screen is filled, hit CTRL + s to suspend output
  3. To resume output, hit CTRL + q

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