I used to have psd installed on a Arch system, with default config files created at $HOME/.config/psd/psd.conf. On that system, everything works fine after editing the .conf file. Now I have just installed psd on Void and it I expect the default config file to be created at /etc/psd.conf (it is not) like it says in the man page and just after installation:

profile-sync-daemon-5.75_3: configuring ...
profile-sync-daemon-5.75_3: post-install message:
Define which users will make use of the sync in /etc/psd.conf

What is going wrong ? Is my version just to old ?

  • This service makes use of systemd timer services and as such will need some manual adjustment to work on Void Linux. – CameronNemo Dec 7 '18 at 4:39

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