I have a program that throws a segmentation fault on certain circumstances. I want to execute a command when the segmentation fault occurs to process the data, then execute the command again, and keep doing so until the segmentation fault stops.

As a rough attempt at pseudo code,


while SegFault

I think I need to be using a Trap command, but I don't understand the syntax for this command.


When a program aborts abnormally the exit code (as seen by the shell) typically has the high bit set so the value is 128 or higher. So a simple solution might be


while [ $? -ge 128 ]

If you specifically only want a segfault and not any other type of error, the while line becomes $? -eq 139 (because SEGV is signal 11; 128+11=139).

If you don't get an high valued exit code on failure then it probably means the application is trapping the error, itself, and forcing a different exit code.


You don't mention what language you need to do this in. So, I'm assuming shell script.

You are correct, you want to use a trap. The trap in bash takes a string to execute when a signal is received. I tend to make it a function call so I can clearly define what I want done when I trap the signal.

Here is a sample script.


# define the function that will handle the trap
sigSegFault() { echo "Inside sigSegFault"; }

# Trap the Segmentation Violation (signal 11) signal
trap sigSegFault SEGV

# Start infinite loop    
while [[ true ]]; do
  sleep 10

exit 0

Simplistic, but contains the basics of what you are asking for.

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