In a tab of a terminal emulator (lxterminal), I try to find out its window id by clicking in the tab and the process which "owns" the window (I am still not sure what is the word to describe the relation between a window and a process, so I use "own"), both by xwininfo

$ xwininfo -int | grep -Po '(?<=Window id: )[0-9a-zA-Z]+'
$ xdotool getwindowpid 31457283
$ ps aux | grep -i 1480
t         1480  0.1  0.3 473204 31240 ?        Sl   Nov21  23:18 lxterminal

and xdotool

$ xdotool selectwindow 
$ xdotool selectwindow getwindowpid
window 35652689 has no pid associated with it.

Why do xwininfo and xdotool give me different window ids, and thus different process results?


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