I'm using KDE/Plasma for several years now and I always had a problem with shutting down but it's just now it started to annoy me.

The problem is that when I shutdown my laptop (with Plasma shutdown button) it seems it is just trying to kill every app or kills X server so the other apps just crash.

Why is that a problem? If I have a LibreOffice document opened and I shutdown my laptop without closing it and later when I start my laptop back up and I want to open LibreOffice it would ask about recovering of lost documents. It would do that even if I've saved the document before shutdown.

Other example is Spotify. If I restart my laptop without closing Spotify it will "forget" the last track it was playing.

Only application that seems to have some kind of protection against shutdown is VirtualBox. If I try to shutdown my laptop when VirtualBox's VM is running I would get a message (as plasma notification) that VirtualBox is blocking shutting down.

While it's good that VirtualBox is blocking the shutdown, I would prefer for the other apps to try and close properly before shutting down the system. Is there anything that can be done to fix that?

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