I have a Linux PC with a 3.4 GHz CPU. I must check this processor to see if it actually runs at that speed. Is there a benchmark available? I ran sysbench but it only provides time of completion, and I must find the maximum (actual) clock rate.


Use the command:


To know all your CPU Specs:

To get the specific frequency of your CPU use the command with a grep like so:

lscpu | grep MHz

It will give you output like:

CPU MHz:               2723.789

To see realtime CPU speeds fluctuation use :

watch -n1 "lscpu | grep MHz | awk '{print $1}'";



You can run lscpu | grep MHz and it will tell you what the CPU is running at now.
You can run cpufreq-info | grep "frequency is" to see what it's supposed to be.
sudo powertop launches a utility; click twice on Tab to see the "Frequency stats" tab which updates continually for a larger sample.

However, Intel SpeedStep capable CPUs and AMD PowerNow! CPUs vary their clock speed based on load, running above spec when needed and power management permits. Therefore, you may see a CPU running faster than spec.

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    thanks, brother I have to benchmark it. I know the guidance provided by you. I have to test it empirically – Shafiq Dec 5 '18 at 4:07
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