Is there a way to resize the boot options menu in Freebsd 11.2 on a UEFI/GPT/ZFS machine (zfs-on-root)?

On multiple machines, the installation resulted in the boot options menu being rendered in a tiny font positioned at the top left of the screen (see ‘photo a’ at bottom).

Changing the font size in /etc/rc and /boot/loader.conf does not fix it. Changing the font size in /etc/rc.conf only affects userland.

The boot menu loader prompt offers some graphical output mode options (gop) which did not work either. Mode 3 was the only one that the prompt accepted, but it didn’t fix the problem. The other modes caused the screen to go blank and freeze. Etc opens the loader prompt. There you can view and set the various graphical output modes.

These are the results from earlier:

OK gop list
    available modes
OK gop set 3
Failed to start image provided by ZFS(1)

Any thoughts?

Photo a

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    The "tiny font" is caused by the very high resolution (probably 1920x1080). I have the same issue that using gop set just kills my computer and requires a hard reboot. you could try using mode instead but I still have to find a working solution to set a decent screen resolution. – Tommiie Dec 4 '18 at 13:32

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