What does I-Node mean in the output of netstat -ap for unix domain sockets?

It seems not the same as the inode of the socket file:

$ netstat -ap
Active UNIX domain sockets (servers and established)
Proto RefCnt Flags  Type   State     I-Node  PID/Program name     Path
unix  2    [ ACC ]  STREAM LISTENING 2794745 -              /tmp/emacs1001/server

$ sudo ls -i -l /tmp/emacs1001/server 
11796488 srwx------ 1 testme testme 0 Nov 30 19:22 /tmp/emacs1001/server


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    I don't get that column with netstat (Proto, Recv-Q, Send-Q, Local Address, Foreign Address, State, PID/Program name). But a socket can have an inode. See stackoverflow.com/questions/27659460/… – melds Dec 3 '18 at 22:21
  • @melds Thanks. Could you be specific of what the inode in netstat output and the inode shown by ls mean respectively? – Tim Dec 3 '18 at 23:45

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