On my main machine I am running Thunderbird with Lightning and have several CalDAV calendars connected. Furthermore there is also a CardDAV address book hooked up.

How can I transfer those CalDAV and CardDAV connections to a further machine?

To get the mentioned connections available on a second machine I have the following options:

  1. Create all connections completely from scratch (-> annoying)
  2. Copy the whole directory ~/.thunderbird to the new machine (-> impractical, because mail profiles would be copied as well)
  3. Copy only necessary files for calendars and the address book to the new machine (-> desired)

I want to avoid setting it up by hand. So: Which files do I have to copy from ~/.thunderbird?

My guess is something like:

  • File storage.db
  • File prefs.js (only the lines with "calendar")
  • Directory calendar-data

But where is the connection for CardDAV stored?

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