I have this command:

git stash list --pretty="%C(yellow)%h %>(14)%Cgreen%cr %C(blue)%gs"

gives output colored, but if I pipe it git stash list <..> | less -R, color disappear in output.

How to persist color of git stash list via pipe?


This is a feature, because git doesn't know what you are piping to.

You can configure the command to always output colors like this:

git -c color.ui=always your command | less -R

man git:

  -c <name>=<value>
      Pass a configuration parameter to the command. The value given will
      override values from configuration files. The
      <name> is expected in the same format as listed by git config
      (subkeys separated by dots).

Another option is to configure core.pager:

git config core.pager "less -R"

So you don't need to pipe to less yourself.


The right command should be:

git stash list --color=always --pretty="%C(yellow)%h %>(14)%Cgreen%cr %C(blue)%gs"

Add option --color=always

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