under /home/scrript , we have 187 bash scripts all the scripts have the following line:

kill -PIPE $PID 

we want to add the following words before this line on all the scripts as the following

[[ $KILL_STATUS = YES ]] && kill -PIPE $PID 

the reason for that is to avoid editing of each script , and use Linux commands as sed to do in one shoot on all the scripts,

$ for i in /home/scrript/*; do sed -i 's/kill -PIPE $PID/[[ $KILL_STATUS = YES ]] \&\& kill -PIPE $PID/' "$i"; done


  • for i in /home/scrript/*; do FOO; done: repeat for all files in /home/scrript. N.B. depending on your shell configuration this might skip dot files.
  • sed -i 's/kill -PIPE $PID/[[ $KILL_STATUS = YES ]] \&\& kill -PIPE $PID/' "$i": for each file ("$i"), replace "in-place" (sed -i), replacing kill -PIPE $PID with [[ $KILL_STATUS = YES ]] \&\& kill -PIPE $PID. (N.B. you need to escape the & as they have a special meaning otherwise.

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