I set up custom shortcuts using the Global Shortcuts GUI and want to transfer them to my other machines. When I export these shortcuts to a file, there are lines like:

{f7cae817-7e09-468e-b039-95c17c8a78fc}=Ctrl+Alt+T; Meta+Return

These are my keyboard shortcuts to open Konsole. However, when I look at ~/.config/kglobalshortcutsrc on my other machine, I see this:

{bfe68ec1-dbd0-467b-9978-edc4e342d7b0}=Ctrl+Alt+T,none,Run Konsole

So it appears that the action to launch Konsole does not have a name, but has a UUID that is machine-specific. Consequently, when I import my shortcuts file on another machine these shortcuts don't work. Any ideas how to get around this?

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    I've posted a link to your question on reddit as well just in case. I don't know why KDE has such a complicated way of storing shortcuts. – DK Bose Dec 1 '18 at 12:47

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