When creating a UBI image there are two times you can specify the size of your UBIFS volume. Once in 'mkfs.ubifs -c max-leb-cnt' and once in the ubinize config file, vol_size.

If I have a LEB size of 128kb and a max-leb-cnt of 160 (~20mb), and create my ubifs volume with mkfs.ubifs I expect this volume can hold 20mb. If I then say 'vol_size=44MiB' in my ubinize config and flash this ubi image to NAND, using ubinfo I see it reports the size as 44MiB, and the LEB count as 364. So does the max-leb-cnt given to mkfs.ubifs matter? I'm trying to understand it's importance and why what's given in the ubinize config takes priority.

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