I am using cut -d' ' -f1 to split a string in unix scripts. I want only f1 and f5, though, and I'm unable achieve this.

I tried giving -f1-5, but that prints all the fields from 1st through 5th.

cut -d' ' -f1,5

From man cut

-f, --fields=LIST
       select only these fields

Then later

Each LIST is made up of one range, or many ranges separated by commas.

awk can help:

echo "10 20 30 40 50" |awk '{print $1,$5}'


awk '{print $1,$5}' file.txt

You can even modify the results in place:

echo "10 20 30 40 50" |awk '{print $1*$5}' --> 500

(awk is cut on steroids)

  • To replicate the question options, you'd also need -F' '. – Sparhawk Nov 30 '18 at 23:07

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