The GDB manual states that when using all-stop mode for debugging a multithreaded application, it is not possible to advance every thread in lock-step by exactly one statement. This makes sense since a step in GDB essentially allows all threads to be scheduled by the OS (however the OS decides to do this) until the next statement is reached by the thread for which the step was called.

My question is this: Is it reasonable to assume that the average scheduling behavior of the OS in between GDB steps is comparable to the average scheduling behavior of the OS when not stepping (while still using GDB to keep as many variables constant as possible), or does the stepping muck with the scheduling enough that the advancement of threads is not (on average) the same as without stepping?

If the stepping does affect the behavior, how can I get an accurate representation of multithreaded program flow and program state at discrete points in my program? Will recording and playing back be viable?

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