I am using AnyDesk on a Raspberry Pi 3. After around 6-7 days, it suddenly consumes all the memory and the device stops responding.

To prevent this, I am using crontab to execute /usr/bin/killall anydesk and stop anydesk.

I need to kill it on 0 * * * * and start it again on 2 * * * *.

However, it throws error saying gtk warning cannot open display.

I have tried using export DISPLAY=:0 and it still doesnt work. It keeps saying it cannot open Display 0. I have tried 0.0 and 1.

There is anydesk.desktop in the /etc/xdg/autostart/ which I tried to execute from crontab using xdg-open, but even that didn't work.


This is probably because root doesn't have permissions to access the display.

I put it in my user's crontab instead of sudo crontab and it worked!

export DISPLAY=:0 /usr/bin/anydesk --tray

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