I am trying to update 3B image to run on 3B+ but it needs to install packages worth 480MBs. They are to be installed on /var/cache/apt but I only have about 360MBs free on that partition. You can have a better understanding by looking at the image attached Disk partitions The sd card has about 3Gigs of unallocated memory that I can use to expand mmcblk0p1 or p2 but I don't know how to expand root.union.

  • I think your question is not really clear because it is a single piece of text without paragraphs. Use carriage return to increase legibility. Providing mount output may also help – lauhub Nov 27 '18 at 9:46

It seems it is not root.union (/ mount point) you need to expand but /deb/mmcblk0p2 partition (/ro mount point).

You should be able to resize the underlying FS. The following links may help you:

As your /ro should be mounted read-only (I assume this, but can't know for sure since I miss your mount command output) I think it could be easy to do.

  • I have already expanded mmcblk0p2 from 4Gigs to about 7Gigs but /var still returned me error saying that you need more space. I think /ro and / are two different partitions? – Usman Khan Nov 27 '18 at 9:57

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