When using a program like htop - mouse scroll wheel action will not do anything.

How can I reproduce such behavior in my Bash script?

I guess there should be a way to tell the terminal to ignore scrolling requests. How is that done?


htop happens to use ncurses

ncurses (and other things that use the full screen in a terminal) initializes the terminal using the terminfo capability smcup. For xterm (and terminal emulators that imitate it), that switches to the alternate screen. Those terminals may respond to a wheel mouse by sending up/down cursor keys instead of scrolling the terminal window (which you would see in htop by the focus-line moving up/down). Your bash script may see those cursor keys, but not handle them.

You can experiment with the feature in a script using

tput smcup

to switch to the alternate screen, and

tput rmcup

to switch back to the normal screen.

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