Running "OpenSuSE 11.4" with "cups-client-1.4.6-6.1.i586" installed, I try to use one single CUPS-server to do all my printing jobs / to manage my queues.

In YaST -> printer I've selected

[x] Do All Printing Directly via One Single CUPS Server

and next to the field "name or IP Address" I enter print (as a CNAME for our print server), but no queue comes up in main window. If I change the ServerName to print server's hostname dom-print, everything works fine and queues are appearing properly.

Additional info:

nslookup tells the following about print ( x/y/z -> yeah, it's all top secret, you know.. ):

Server: 10.0.x.y
Address: 10.0.x.y#53

print.dom.tld canonical name = dom-print.dom.tld.
Name: dom-print.dom.tld
Address: 10.0.x.z

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