I'm using both i3 and Chromium. I love Chromium tabs, but hate having that tab-bar there if there is only one tab open. I want it to behave more like a terminal (sanely)

  • If there is more than one tab, I see the tab bar.
  • If there is one tab, I can't see the tab bar.
  • If there is no tabs the window closes.

I believe this was at one point the default behavior too. Currently I want to have a very small chromium browser window in i3 which is very much centered around minimizing wasted space.

I see lots of people with the same question online, and no answer.

Ideally, I want to simply tone down window decorations. Ideally, Chrome without Window Decorations, Tab Bars, or the Omnibar bars. That would be ideal.

Something like --kiosk mode outside of full-screen mode seems ideal.

Note: What I do NOT want is Full-screen mode. I want other things to be open at the same.


Alright, here is what I found worked.

  • Installed vimium, simply because Control+L and the like will not work in App mode. Not to mention -- vim key bindings in Chrome. It's not moded, but it's pretty damn cool. Now when you start you browser, simply hit o to and you'll prompted to go somewhere else.
  • Add --app=http://duckduckgo.com to the command line arguments for Chrome. Any window with this has tabs DISABLED. This is a major downside and not the desired effect.

    • Globally, this can be accomplished by editing /etc/chromium-browser/default

    • Locally this can be done with a i3 hotkey to open an undecorated naked Chrome, for example something like this will allow you to open up Chrome in three different modes,

      bindsym $mod+i               exec chromium-browser --app=http://duckduckgo.com
      bindsym $mod+Shift+i         exec chromium-browser
      bindsym $mod+Shift+Control+i exec chromium-browser --incognito

Note: you have to set a homepage. Extensions do not run from about://blank and the like.

Relevant parts of my conf

What I do is actually slightly more complex, I have a mode for spawning Chrome:

mode "chrome" {
  bindsym c exec chromium-browser                             , mode "default"
  bindsym a exec chromium-browser --app=http://duckduckgo.com , mode "default"
  bindsym s exec chromium-browser --incognito                 , mode "default"
  bindsym Return mode "default"
  bindsym Escape mode "default"
bindsym $mod+c mode "chrome"

This works well for me. As $mod+c, a spawns a chrome with no decorations.

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