I use arch linux and after an update about a month ago I can't boot the system anymore.

The logs show a kernel panic caused by calling /usr/bin/switch_root with arg -d.

I've tried a live cd boot and chroot into the system, followed by another update, but no luck. Also tried renaming the initramfs-fallback.img (name probably not correct, I don't recall it perfectly) to initramfs.img. I read somewhere that this could be caused by the ram disk.

whatever is calling switch_root seems to run after arch prints out the lines :: Mounting '/dev/sdc4' on real root :: Running cleanup hook [udev]

What do you think?

Kernel panic picture: enter image description here

  • The release notes for util-linux show no changes to switch_root for the last two releases, and there have been no Arch patches. Paste the full journal from a failed boot. – jasonwryan Nov 25 '18 at 2:20
  • @jasonwryan I think it's this man: git.kernel.org/pub/scm/utils/util-linux/util-linux.git/commit/… – Thom Nov 26 '18 at 1:37
  • That would seem unlikely: this would be an issue affecting a lot more people. Please paste the actual journal. – jasonwryan Nov 26 '18 at 1:47
  • @jasonwryan could you advise on pasting the journal, please? I booted to the live system, did a chroot into the old one, and read the output of journalctl, the last entries. It didn't look abnormal. Is that output what you want me to paste? I took a picture of the kernel panic at least. – Thom Nov 26 '18 at 2:52
  • 1
    Paste the text, not a screenshot wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/… – jasonwryan Nov 26 '18 at 3:02

I solved it by chrooting into the unbootable system and running pacman -Suy with /boot mounted correctly. Linux was updated and mkinitcpio was run automatically. My /boot is in another partition and the first time I did pacman -Suy, I didn't mount it.

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