When I run 1>&2 echo hi |& grep hi, I get a non-colored hi followed by a red hi on a new line. This is the same output as 1>&2 echo hi | grep hi. Why aren’t both of the “hi”s red in the former?


Your first pipeline:

1>&2 echo hi |& grep hi

This is the same as

echo hi 1>&2 2>&1 | grep hi

since |& is the same as 2>&1 |.

With the MULTIOS shell option set, this would duplicate the output of echo to standard error. This produces the un-coloured hi that grep never sees. The other hi goes through grep and is coloured.

The 2>&1 redirection does not do anything as there is no output to standard error from echo. It would be different if you had e.g.

{ echo hi 1>&2; } 2>&1 | grep hi


{ echo hi 1>&2; } |& grep hi

where the standard output from echo would not be duplicated and the standard error of the { ...; } would have been sent to grep, producing a single coloured hi.

Your second pipeline,

1>&2 echo hi | grep hi


echo hi 1>&2 | grep hi

(which is the same as your first pipeline with the no-op 2>&1 redirection removed) also redirects standard output twice; once to standard error (the un-coloured hi), and to the pipe (the coloured hi).

For two coloured hi's:

echo hi 2>&1 1>&2 | grep hi


echo hi 1>&1 | grep hi

(This is with a tiny bit of handwaving as I'm not quite used to the zsh shell)

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