I have a Lubuntu persistent USB install. I started using it due to problems with my hard drive (Samsung 850 Evo) which used to have Ubuntu installed. My computer (MacBook Pro 9,2) had OSX but after a filesystem corruption I installed Ubuntu. Ubuntu became unbootable shortly after (literally a couple reboots). I formated the disk and decided to start using the live USB with persistence enabled.


I can't install more packages because I have almost no space left on my 4GB USB. I can perfectly mount the hard drive and store files there, read/write, etc. Is there a way to install the packages into the hard drive and turn /usr to a symlink to /mnt/mydrive ?

I don't care if it's a bad practice or something like that. I would like to know if it's feasible and if so, some instructions and/or recommendations on how to achieve it.


If you are ready to download and install package by package you can use dpkg option --instdir For more info what this do you can check with man dpkg

For apt I am not sure you have such option

  • So I should uninstall packages installed via apt, and reinstall them using dpkg with --instdir option? I'm also guessing that I need to add /mnt/mydrive to my $PATH. – Maganna Dev Nov 19 '18 at 15:46
  • @MagannaDev actually you need to add /mnt/mydrive/bin, /mnt/mydrive/sbin and so on. And to add in /etc/fstab this partition. And yes, you can deinstall and then install in new path. Also you should take care about libraries (LD_LIBRARY_PATH or whatever it is in Debian/Ubuntu) – Romeo Ninov Nov 19 '18 at 15:50
  • @MagannaDev, maybe you can simplify a lot by just buy 32GB flash drive :) – Romeo Ninov Nov 19 '18 at 15:54

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