I've recently installed OpenBSD. When installing the OS I selected the normal Dvorak layout as the Dvorak Programmer wasn't present on the list.

After the install I wanted to change the layout with kbd I tried: us.dvorak.programmer, us.dvorak_programmer, us.programmer and many others but none of them worked.

I also tried kbd -l but the command won't display anything.

What other ways are there to change the layout? I know I could use setxkbmap but that would only chage the keymap for x.org.


kbd -l reads from /dev/wskbd%d (for all available integers %d, 0 to 3 on my OpenBSD 6.4 system). These devices are readable only by root, so you would have to use

doas kbd -l

to get anything back as an ordinary user, provided you have configured doas, or by using kbd -l as root by other means.

The Dvorak-related encodings I can see are


Personally, I use us.dvorak. As far as I know, it's only the numbers row that is different on the programmer's Dvorak layout.

Someone is currently implementing Colemak. You could possibly look at their efforts and make changes to a copy of the existing us.dvorak layout (or however a variant layout should be implemented), and then contribute that.

See also:

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