So I setup ssh keys, tested it via cli and all works great. When I go to run a SCP file transfer it asks for my password for both machines, yet if I simply ssh to the same server it does not.

Below is the scp that I am running. If I enter the passwords when prompted the file transfer goes through, I am simply trying to avoid having to enter the password each time.

sudo scp -r [email protected]:/var/spool/servera/backup/2018Backups /home/serverb/Documents/2018Backups

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When you run

ssh [email protected]

You are doing it as yourself (e.g. Brian)

When you run

sudo scp -r [email protected] ...

you are really running as root. Hence, you are using different private/public key pairs.

Try the scp without the sudo to some directory that you, Brian, not root, has access to and see what happens.

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