Is there's wayland server running as X11 client? Like XWayland but reversed.


Weston, the reference compositor for Wayland, has a special feature where instead of running it directly on hardware, you can also use it to run Wayland clients under X. At an X terminal, type weston and press Enter.

From man 1 weston with my emphasis:

Weston has several backends as loadable modules: it can run on Linux KMS (kernel modesetting via DRM), as an X client, or inside another Wayland server instance.

Source: Jan Newmarch. "Running Wayland". Programming Wayland Clients, chapter 5. Found via Google Search for wayland under x.

No, you don't type westoff to close it.

  • And here's how to run a applications in Weston's wayland session: set environment variable XDG_SESSION_TYPE=wayland. For example, XDG_SESSION_TYPE=wayland gnome-terminal. – flapenguin Apr 17 at 21:16

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