In KDE or Plasma or whatever they're calling it now, programs on the panel show the name as well as the icon. I would like to hide the name so it just shows the icon but I couldn't find how to anywhere.

  • Ah I see! Thank you! I didn't realize those applications were a widget themselves.
    – londen
    Nov 14, 2018 at 19:17

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The default Panel in KDE Plasma Desktop is a widget container.
I assume the list of icons/names you are referring to is the "Task Manager" widget. Unfortunately it appears not to be configurable to only show icons, you'll have to choose a different widget.

Thanks to this forum thread: right-click on the Panel, click "Unlock Widgets", right-click on the Panel again. You should get a drop-down list that includes "Alternatives", one of which is "Icons-only Task Manager".

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