I want to transform json to new line delimited json. I was attempting to do it multiple times using jq in bash, but I have not been able to get even close to the final output.


    "windows124": {
        "updated": "2015-01-14",
        "attribution": [],
        "description": "",
        "notes": [],
        "alt_names": [],
        "sources": [],
        "urls": ["google.com", "google.co.uk"],
        "common_name": "test",
        "uuid": "7259334c-3218-4259-aaab-896d87507f4f"
    "linux124": {
        "updated": "",
        "attribution": ["Naifdddkoscn"],
        "description": "",
        "notes": [],
        "alt_names": [],
        "sources": [],
        "urls": ["https://example.com/1.pdf", "https://example.com/1.pdf", "https://example.com/1.pdf"],
        "common_name": "121212",
        "uuid": "009db412-762d-4256-8df9-eb213be01ffd"
    "wikipedia123": {
        "updated": "2018-07-31",
        "attribution": [],
        "description": "",
        "notes": [],
        "alt_names": [],
        "sources": [],
        "urls": ["https://example.com/1.pdf"],
        "common_name": "test343",
        "uuid": "4d8da0af-cfd7-4990-b211-af0e990vfda0"


{"uuid": "7259334c-3218-4259-aaab-896d87507f4f","family": "windows124","updated": "2015-01-14","attribution": [],"description": "","notes": [],"alt_names": [],"sources": [],"urls": ["google.com", "google.co.uk"],"common_name": "test"}
{"uuid": "009db412-762d-4256-8df9-eb213be01ffd","family": "linux124", "updated": "","attribution": ["Naifdddkoscn"],"description": "","notes": [],"alt_names": [],"sources": [],"urls": ["https://example.com/1.pdf", "https://example.com/1.pdf", "https://example.com/1.pdf"],"common_name": "121212"}
{"uuid": "4d8da0af-cfd7-4990-b211-af0e990vfda0","family": "wikipedia123", "updated": "2018-07-31","attribution": [],"description": "","notes": [],"alt_names": [],"sources": [],"urls": ["https://example.com/1.pdf"],"common_name": "test343"}

What I have so far is: cat deserialize.json | jq -c '.|to_entries[]'

  • Got closer with : jq '.|to_entries[]' – creed Nov 14 '18 at 16:06
  • You can add the -c (--compact-output) command line option if you don't want the output pretty-printed – steeldriver Nov 14 '18 at 16:26

You can use this jq filter:

<file jq 'to_entries|map(.value + {family:(.key)})[]'

As you found out, the to_entries function allows to get the key name in order add the property family.

So the filter only creates this family object and adds it to the content of the value given by to_entries function.

The map function does the add operation to all elements of the value array.

The final [] gets rid of the outer array.

Note the output is not order in the way you posted, but the content is same. If you want the keys to be sorted, use the option -S.

  • @DOWNVOTER Please explain why! – oliv Nov 14 '18 at 18:07
  • Thanks $oliv. Nicely done. Have you solved similar issue before, or how did you figure that out? If you can, please let me know how I could replicate your steps differently than doing brute force on all options. – creed Nov 14 '18 at 19:50
  • @creed The way to solve this type of problem is indeed to try out. Read the man pages and go to the jq website to get to know the functions and how to use it. In other words, learn the language. – oliv Nov 15 '18 at 7:26

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