To give some context, I try to configure an environment in which I just arrived. The targeted development environment is confined on a remote Red Hat 6.10 system, only accessible through putty on a windows 8 box, with no permission to install anything on any of this system beyond what's possible as unprivileged user.

So I'm trying to have a terminal more shiny than the default putty terminal. As a first approach, I looked at putty coloration possibilities. I failed to apply a reg file to set Putty color scheme as suggested by darekkay, as I have no idea how to get the SESSION_NAME that should be set (although I tried with my username without much results). However I successfully duplicated the scheme manually, so it's already better on this side.

Next I thought I might have more options with an [u]xterm, and especially I hoped it would bring me a more portable solution with a plain text configuration file. So I started to looking at the documentation, and started feeling the ~/.Xresourcesconfiguration file. But launching xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources resulted in a command not found. I scanned through the xterm manual, hopping to find a way to provide directly a configuration file, but found nothing. So I’m left with no clue on how I might configure the xterm on this confined RHEL6.10 box.


It seems that ~/.Xresourses is a new thing, and using ~/.Xdefaults instead solved the issue.

Source: https://superuser.com/questions/243914/xresources-or-xdefaults

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