I have set up NFS share and it is working properly with 770 or 777 permission on the directory but the minute I have the permission for the group like 760 or 750 then it stops work and I can't access the share( it says permission denied ).

when the permission is:

chmod 770 /public

then it works properly but when the permission is:

chmod 760 /public

It does not let me access the share giving me an error saying permission denied.

  • Does the user account you're using have the same uid/gid on each client system?
    – doneal24
    Nov 12, 2018 at 14:46

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The user account you use to access the share, needs to have the required permissions to access it, the same way as a "normal" directory (i.e. on the local disk).

Since you can access it with 0770 permissions set, your user account apparently is a member of the same group as the share itself.

To put it another way: if you make some normal directory, say /test and set permissions to 0740 you would also only be able to access it, if you are the owner of /test. This is not a special thing inn NFS or something like that.

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