Specifying systemd.debug-shell=1 as kernel parameter kind of works: I can switch via Alt+F9 to a shell when systemd boot hangs.

But this shell is quite impossible because an animated

[ ***  ] A start job is running for Create Volatile Files and 
        Directories (4min 23s / no limit)

banner is destroying my prompt and command line output.

Thus, my question: how do I disable this obstructing systemd output in my shell tty9?

I'm ok with it being displayed in tty1, i.e. the main console - but as-is, it makes the systemd debug shell unusable.

This is the systemd under Fedora 29.


One way is to also set systemd.show_status as kernel parameter. For example, in total:

systemd.debug-shell=1 systemd.show_status=false

This makes the systemd debug shell usable again.

However, it kills all systemd boot console output, not just obstructing animations. Perhaps there is a better way - say - tell systemd somehow to just print to a certain tty.

The hanging jobs can be displayed via:

# systemctl list-jobs | grep running
  • @sourcejedi If console=tty1 really fixes this, you should probably make it into an answer, since it's exactly what the OP is asking about ("I'm ok with it being displayed in tty1, ..."). Agreed that show_status=false is a nice workaround! – filbranden Nov 12 '18 at 19:21
  • 1
    @FilipeBrandenburger done. – sourcejedi Nov 12 '18 at 19:27

Adding the boot option console=tty1 should keep systemd output on tty1, but, it will also keep kernel messages on tty1.[*] So it is not exactly what you asked for :-).

I think your answer is better (systemd.show_status=false).

[*] Linux: Difference between /dev/console , /dev/tty and /dev/tty0

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