I am having google-chrome(69.0.3497.100) on Debian Stretch, whenever I try to download some files by clicking on the download link there will a popup Open xdg-open and when I click on yes option nothing happens. I am unable to download anything on it. However when I use the same link in firefox then it downloads.

I think I need to add or update some entry in /usr/share/applications/gnome-mimeapps.list but I don't know what to add?

However google-chrome is the default browser to open links because when I type in terminal xdg-open http://google.com then this link will open in google-chrome.

Update I upgraded to 70.0.3538.77 but still same problem.

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  • Are you unable to download any file type from any site with Chrome, or just some files of specific types? Did you experience this same issue with other (previous) Chrome versions? – fra-san Nov 9 '18 at 16:14
  • @fra-san I am unable to download some files only. I am experiencing it first time. – Prvt_Yadv Nov 9 '18 at 16:21
  • @fra-san it happened suddenly after I started using torrent, because for torrent magnetic links it ask for xdg-open and it works fine for torrent links as it opens qbittorrent there. – Prvt_Yadv Nov 9 '18 at 16:28
  • 2
    You should check the output of xdg-mime query default your-mime-type. It should give you a .desktop file that tells you which application will be used. You can find the MIME type of a specific file with xdg-mime query filetype /path/to/file. – fra-san Nov 9 '18 at 16:49
  • @fra-san thanks but the problem is I don't know what is mime-type for download links. So how to check? – Prvt_Yadv Nov 9 '18 at 17:00

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