This is for a website that has been passed from one WHM/Cpanel hosting environment to another. It's running the Loaded Commerce shopping cart and ShipRush shipping plugin. The ShipRush plugin needed an upgrade/update. After entering the FTP credentials into their webform, we got a permission error opening .checkers. I tried to change the permission using FTP as the user and got a permission error. I logged in to SSH and did it as root. In the process, I realized that directory was OWNED by root. I contacted ShipRush to get an idea about what that directory was, and if it should be owned by root or the user, but they were clueless. Is this directory recognizable to anyone here? It contains files with names like 967KM6.csession, 967KM6.csession.log, hits.0CKYXT, hits.75KJGT, SUMEFD.csession, SUMEFD.csession.log

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