Usually I would background the foreground process using ctrl-z, but when running in tmux with the prefix key bound to z, then obviously ctrl-z just invokes tmux. Likewise if I try to escape the ctrl-z by hitting 'ctrl-z z' then it switches tmux panes (as designed).

Is there another way I can background then foreground process in tmux without having to change the prefix key?


I'm assuming your prefix char is C-z. The default prefix of C-b comes with a default binding of C-b (given after the prefix) to the tmux command send-prefix. This means you type C-b twice to get a real C-b sent. You could do the same with C-z for example:

set-option -g prefix C-z
bind-key C-z send-prefix

Now you type C-z twice to background the current process.

If your prefix really is z, then C-z should normally background the current process without the need for a prefix. You can try adding unbind-key C-z if it doesn't, or bind-key C-z send-keys C-z if you want zC-z to do it.

  • Yeah, C-z is the prefix char. You're right, binding any key to send-prefix does the job. Turns out I had mine set to v the whole time with: bind v send-prefix. – mekazu Nov 14 '18 at 11:10

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