I'm using xfce, and want to create a shortcut Super + t for starting up terminal with tmux. What command should I put it to execute upon shortcut? I tried st tmux attach , however it fails when there isn't any tmux session running(instead, the terminal appears for a fraction of a second and doesn't even let me see what the problem is).

Normal st tmux causes, which is .

For some time, I used the following in my .bashrc:

# get into tmux at start
[ -z "$TMUX" ] && { tmux attach || exec tmux new-session; }

But I removed it, as it was inconvienent when I wanted to run the terminal without tmux. And to add to that, I couldn't use bash at all when my partition was full. Couldn't even login!


How I worked around it:

I created a script start-tmux.sh, which contains the following:

# if not inside tmux, then start it.

if [ -z "$TMUX" ]; then
    tmux attach || exec tmux new-session
    echo "already in tmux!"

And I execute command st start-tmux.sh upon hitting Super + t

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