I want to have a stable ssh connection to a server where I do things. That would last for days or weeks.

In general, one can set TCP keepalive to more than 7200 seconds:

Socket reset by peer ever 2 hours

In MobaXterm, there are two checkboxes for maintaining a stable connection:

  • Enable SSH keepalive (send data every 60 seconds to avoid disconnections)
  • Workaround for "connection reset by peer" issue (stripped-down encryption algorithms list)

I used the first and my connection was "reset by peer".

Today I realised that I should use the second as well to keep my ssh connection alive for a day.

But what is this workaround ?

What this has anything to do with encryption algorithms ?

  • I have the same problem,Enable SSH Keepalive still got ssh disconnect sometimes. where did you find the checkbox Workaround for "connection reset by peer" issue ? – Valiant Jiang Mar 14 at 1:36

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