I would like to only copy files from S3 that are from today out of a certain bucket with 100s of files. I tried the following: $ aws s3 ls s3://cve-etherwan/ --recursive --region=us-west-2 | grep 2018-11-06 | awk '{system("aws s3 sync s3://cve-etherwan/$4 . --region=us-west-2") }' but it doesn't quite work, I also get files from other dates. How do I do this correctly?


That's because in the second aws s3 you use sync. Try cp instead. Also you can merge the "grep" and "awk" together.

$ aws s3 ls s3://cve-etherwan/  --recursive | awk '/^2018-11-06/{system("aws s3 cp s3://cve-etherwan/$4 .") }'

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