This is the m3u8 playlist file I'm trying to play.


I have the key available and I want ffplay to ignore URI from the playlist. For the start ffplay will be OK. I can build mobile app later. This playlist file was downloaded from the link with stream. When I try to play it locally it fails because obviously .ts files are not available.
The reason why my playback fails is the ecryption key - I have it available, but this file cannot be found by ffplay.
My questions are:
1.) where does ffplay search for keys in my paricular case? - on my local machine, or on some path relative to this playlist location on the server?
2.) Can I force ffplay to ignore URI from playlist file and provide my local path?

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  • Welcome to Unix & Linux! :-) Can you edit your question and elaborate what you're trying to achieve? what command should ultimately play the file? ffplay example.m3u8? (E.g: are you looking for a search and replace inside the file?) – Fabby Nov 6 '18 at 22:08