When use xst not in tmux, clipboard somehow share the same with the system/os/or-whatever-idk, but I can copy from firefox/chrome and paste into xst.

But with tmux I can't do that, tmux only allow use its own buffer, how to make tmux use the system buffer that share with other program?


tmux needs help from xsel (or another X clipboard manager).

I use xsel and add this to my ~/.tmux.conf, which will allow CTRL+B CTRL+C (copy) and CTRL+B CTRL+X (paste) to/from the X (PRIMARY) clipboard into the tmux selection buffer (and vice versa).

# turn on clipboard
set -g set-clipboard on

# copy tmux's selection buffer into the X clipboard selection
bind-key C-c run-shell "tmux show-buffer | xsel -b -i" \; \
display-message "Clipboard buffer copied to xsel ..."

# copy X clipboard selection into tmux's selection buffer
bind-key C-x run-shell "xsel -b -o | tmux load-buffer -" \; \
display-message "Clipboard buffer copied from xsel ..."
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  • Not quite sure but enable clipboard and all set set -g set-clipboard on. I can now use system buffer via pre-defined paste shortcut keyboard from system and do paste. – Tuyen Pham Nov 6 '18 at 19:53

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