This is a follow-up to this question: GNOME keyring daemon sometimes not asking for passphrase, need to provide it via command line

Is there a command to force the gnome-keyring-daemon to ask for my passphrase for my private key(s), without logging in to any SSH server?


If you have ssh-askpass installed (or a variant like seahorse-ssh-askpass), you can force a prompt by adding your key to the keyring with ssh-add. Note that to get a graphical/UI prompt, you need to disable standard input, because ssh-add will read input from the connected terminal if it is available.

# will use SSH_ASKPASS, or ssh-askpass by default
ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa </dev/null

# use seahorse's prompt utility
SSH_ASKPASS=/usr/lib/seahorse/seahorse-ssh-askpass ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa </dev/null

Note that seahorse itself provides a UI for managing secrets backed by gnome-keyring-daemon, but the main program is not meant for a one-shot prompt-and-save operation.

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