I'd like to be able to force Bluez's transport state from active to idle on the rendering side of a custom embedded platform. This issue is centred around the fact that simply pausing the A2DP connection streaming side ( i.e. iPad + Youtube ) does not alter the Bluetooth transport immediately ( embedded side ). Bluetooth's transport state will only change from active to idle under certain conditions ( iPad app ); app is terminated, app is minimised or after 60+ seconds of the app being maximised and paused. The actual problem is, one use case: if the iPad app is paused I cannot detect the pause until one of the previous conditions are met as the transport doesn't change ( talking 60+ seconds to idle here ). To compound the issue if play is pressed within the 60 seconds there's no indication that streaming was resumed because the transport was still in the active state. This is all need to perform convenience switching. Using DBus I can pause the iPad, grab the sink and give it to some other renderer but Bluetooth's transport will remain active for quite some time making it impossible to know if the user has then quickly press play on the iPad side. So theory is if on pausing the iPad remotely, if I can then force the transport ( embedded side ) from active to idle, I then know exactly when the user presses play again as the iPad will force the transport to active again in which I can detect to swap the sinks back. Any ideas?

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