How can I zip all files in a directory without compression and using AES256 from a Debian Terminal?

I have a folder. I want to zip all files in it without compression.





I do NOT want to create a zipped compressed directory from many files. Rather all files should be zipped individually. Also they should be encrypted using AES256.

  • Why do you want to zip them at all? Would it not be better to use openssl to do the encryption on them? – Kusalananda Nov 5 '18 at 9:52
  • To zip and then encrypt is not wise from security point of view. You will give attacker several known bytes from the begin of the file. Better just encrypt them. – Romeo Ninov Nov 5 '18 at 10:07

Info-Zip’s zip itself doesn’t (yet, but don’t hold your breath) support AES encryption, but 7-zip does:

7z a -mx=0 -mem=AES256 -p archive.zip file1 file2

will prompt for a password, and store file1 and file2, uncompressed, encrypted using AES-256, in archive.zip. On Debian, 7z is available in the p7zip-full package.

The resulting archive won’t be extractible using Info-Zip’s unzip; you’ll need 7-zip, or another PK5.1-compatible extractor.

Applying this to your example:

for file in File*; do 7z a -mx=0 -mem=AES256 -p "${file}.zip" "${file}"; done

(you can specify the password to use after the -p option, assuming you trust everything that’s running on your system and any other users who might be connected).

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