I've only been using Linux for about a month. I'm running Mint 13. I'm trying to use www.goproblems.com but it tells me that my IcedTea is out of date. I hoped there was a package but I can't find it. I tried building it from source but that failed.

I read that it requires GTK+, but when I checked that out, the site said GTK+ is dependent on 5 other packages that I might have to install, from source.

My question is: If there is an IcedTea package, where is it?

(Also, can someone recommend an online resource that teaches me how to do this well?)


Linux Mint is Ubuntu-based, you can install packages from the Ubuntu repositories. You may have to change your /etc/apt/sources.list if you cannot find the package in the Software Manager.

IcedTea is in the Universe repository, which should be enabled by default. You can also find the relevant packages by searching the Ubuntu repos.

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