I am currently working on a machine that has entered Emergency Mode for CentOS 7.6.

To give myself a hard copy of logs and messages that appear on the screen (which are not from a file), I will take a photo from my phone.

Is there a way to redirect a copy of the text mode output sent to the screen to a printer without drivers?

Should I approach the situation differently? The goal is to get the output from the screen on paper after it's already on the screen, as I don't want everything and don't know what I want to save until after it's displayed.

Would this be something that a serial terminal would be used for to output to another computer and print from there?

  • Depending on the "emergency mode" used by your machine, you have a full shell access .. and if so you can define a text controlled (special chars) printer maybe /dev/lp & having a compatible printer then you can redirect /dev/"yourconsole" to the printer .... if you have a modern printer (usb) I do not think this is still possible without special drivers. – francois P Nov 3 '18 at 19:07

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