I am trying to create a tar archive with xz compression of my home directory to another non-existent directory, but it gives me error:

tar: Cowardly refusing to create an empty archive

The command I execute is:

tar cJvf /mnt/1234/a.tar.xz -C ~/

I am using debian 9.5.


You haven't told it what files you want to put in the archive.


  • Told it where to create the file
  • Told it what directory to change to

But haven't told it what to put in there.

The simplest solution might be

tar cJvf /mnt/1234/a.tar.xz -C ~/ .

Which will then put all the files into the archive with names starting with ./; e.g. ./foo ./bar ./baz

Be careful when extracting an archive like this, though, because it will extract to the current directory and may overwrite existing files, including changing permissions on the current directory.

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Your command:

tar cJvf /mnt/1234/a.tar.xz -C ~/

This does not tell GNU tar what to archive. The -C ~/ bit tells tar to cd into ~/ before doing anything, but you haven't told it what to archive.

You may have wanted to use

tar cJvf /mnt/1234/a.tar.xz -C ~/ .

This would give GNU tar the instruction to archive the current directory after changing directory to ~/.

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