I have a laptop with two graphics cards: an integrated Intel, and an RX 550. When I enable TLP for power-management, the performance of the RX 550 is cut in half, making it even worse than the integrated intel one. This is regardless of the power state being AC or battery.

The card is blacklisted in /etc/default/tlp by the two following settings:

  • The default RUNTIME_PM_DRIVER_BLACKLIST="amdgpu nouveau nvidia radeon" (the card is using the amdgpu module).
  • and RUNTIME_PM_BLACKLIST="02:00.0" where 02:00.0 is the PCI slot of the card accoring to lspci.

However, as I said there still seems to be a considerable power-management performance hit.

How can I disable power-management for the dGPU card when on AC?

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