A few months ago I formatted half an ssd (for use by all of my operating systems as file storage, I use os x, Debian, and Microsoft's windows) It was recommended that I use udf, because it is, in most cases, compatible with the operating systems in question. However, I later began getting input output error messages, even when using a file manager to open the drive.

rizk@rizk-bl-h:/media/rizk/LinuxUDF/torrents$ ls
ls: cannot access 'legal_software.dmg': Input/output error

The command then proceeds to list the rest of the files and directories in the folder. I figure, at least I have my files, but when trying to open them it always reads Failed to open directory "LinuxUDF". when getting information for file "/media/rizk/LinuxUDF/kj1WRC3.jpg": Input/output error. Leaving my files un-browsed. However I can open things such as torrent files through my torrent client, I cannot access anything outside of it, and the files in question seem corrupt and broken (for example videos play half through then stop playing entirely).

Any ideas?

edit: per request, here is the results of smartctl --all https://pastebin.com/GP2a9Gng

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    Welcome to Unix & Linux. ;-) Could you edit your question and add the output to smartctl --all /dev/XdY where X and Y denominate your SSD and then ping me @Fabby?
    – Fabby
    Nov 2 '18 at 23:34
  • Before voting to close, please give feedback. Nov 3 '18 at 11:28
  • @Fabby i added a past bin link where you can see the results. thank you!
    – nirost
    Nov 4 '18 at 4:34
  • It's not a hardware error, but I know too little of UDF to help you any further. Sorry!
    – Fabby
    Nov 4 '18 at 9:08

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