My httpd logs show errors that look like php-fpm issues and sure enough, when I try

rcctl start php72_fpm

I get


In line with other OpenBSD configuration so far, I'd expect to be able to investigate some logs and read some man pages, but not sure where to find the error message in this case.

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By running

rcctl -d start php72_fpm

(note the -d), you will start the service without redirecting the output from the rc.d script to /dev/null. This would allow you to see what's happening.

This is me trying to start php72_fpm from freshly installed php-7.2.10 installation.

$ doas rcctl -d start php72_fpm
doing _rc_parse_conf
doing _rc_quirks
php72_fpm_flags empty, using default ><
doing _rc_parse_conf /var/run/rc.d/php72_fpm
doing _rc_quirks
doing rc_check
doing rc_start
doing _rc_wait start
doing rc_check
[04-Nov-2018 23:44:31] WARNING: Nothing matches the include pattern '/etc/php-fpm.d/*.conf' from /etc/php-fpm.conf
at line 125.
[04-Nov-2018 23:44:31] ERROR: No pool defined. at least one pool section must be specified in config file
[04-Nov-2018 23:44:31] ERROR: failed to post process the configuration
[04-Nov-2018 23:44:31] ERROR: FPM initialization failed
doing _rc_rm_runfile

The issue here is that the configuration is missing.

Make sure that you copy the supplied example configuration file from /usr/local/share/examples/php-7.2 into /etc/php-fpm.d (and modify it to fit your needs).

See also:


Answer was to:

Open the rc file at /etc/rc.d/php72_fpm to find the actual executable's path:

/usr/local/sbin/php-fpm-7.2 and running that directly, which gave the actual error:

failed to load configuration file /etc/php-fpm.conf

Running locate php-fpm.conf showed an example at /usr/local/share/examples/php-7.2/php-fpm.conf

So, the missing step was to manually run the command to get more verbose output of the error, but I didn't know to look in the rc.d scripts directory.


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