As we know, the window manager i3 provides an option to control the behavior of the mouse moving from one window to another - the focus_follows_mouse option.

I wanted to control this behavior with my keyboard, so I tried to add this in my config:

bindsym $mod+b focus_follows_mouse yes

It doesn't do anything. I tried:

bindsym $mod+n exec --no-startup-id i3-msg 'focus_follows_mouse no'

Same result.

Is there a possibility to change the value for focus_follows_mouse without changing the config everytime?

I'm using version 4.15


No, this is not possible.

Since this command is not part of the user guide section List of Commands. It is not one of the commands accepted by i3-msg. This would be the only way to toggle this with a keybinding and without reloading a different configuration file.

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